Nemate ništa u korpi

Natural bread


rye flour, water, maltex (barley malt), flax seed, olive oil, sea salt, soya milk, black cinnamon seed, dry yeast (0.1%). Store in a dry place. Mode of use (for taste of hot bread): * TOSTER (5 min.) * MICROWAVE (Unopened pouch, MEDIUM, 45 sec). NUTRITIONAL VALUE (100g) Energy value 1247 kJ / 298 kcal; Fat 4.9; of which Saturated fatty acids 0.7; Carbohydrates 54.8; of which Sugars 2.9; Sodium 1.5; Proteins 7.9; Dietary fiber 7.5. Perfect for toasting, for just 5 min unforgettable taste of hot bread, olive oil technology! Note: 2 pieces of bread in the package Basic set: 12 packages (24 pieces)