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Biscotti Famosi - ground biscuits


Biscotti Famosi - top quality ground biscuit ideal for preparing cheese cake, premium cakes and milk shakes. Ingredients: wheat flour, fat-free margarine spread 70% without trans fats (vegetable (palm, sunflower) oils, vegetable (palm) fats, emulgators (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids and soya lecitin), table salt (0.2%), acids (E270, E330), preservative (potassium sorbate), flavour, colour (beta carotene)), water, soya milk, soya flour, sugar, honey, leavening agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate, disodium phosphate), salt, flavour (ethylvanillin). Alergen info: wheat glutene and soya. Store in a dry, cool place. Country of origin: Republic of Serbia. Manufacturer: DR.BRADO, Production of biscuits and cakes, Pr Danijela Bradić, Ivanjica; Pavla Ratkovica 2 Ivanjica, Serbia; Info line: +381 (0) 63 698 416